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3S Antriebe GmbH develops and sells electrical actuators in particular for buried valves in water, gas and district heating grids. 3S actuators set new standards when it comes to efficiency, capacity and power-to-weight ratio. Developed close to the market, the innovative mobile and stationary 3S actuator solutions make operation of buried supply grids more cost-efficient.

Small yet powerful: the new multi-turn actuator 3S 300 D

3S Antriebe GmbH has expanded their product line of multi-turn actuators for the decentralized use in underground networks: The 3S 300 D is available as a 125 Nm or 60 Nm actuator and ideal for the automation of small diameter valves in underground networks. Due to the compact size and minimal installation depth, butterfly, ball and gate valves can be economically and retroactively automated.

Like all 3S multi-turn actuators the 3S 300 D is watertight und suited for the in-soil installation via System Berliner Kappe® without requiring expensive manhole cosntruction. Thanks to x-active M2M Communication, it is bidirectionally integrated into SCADA-Systems and accessible at all times. A completely decentralized automation of the network is realized through battery operation via 3S Energy Save Technology. Learn more in the technology sections on our website.

3S 300 D multi-turn actuator

New valve maintenance device 3S AIG XS

3S Antriebe GmbH presents their new valve maintenance device, the 3S AIG XS. It complements the already existing product line of mobile valve maintenance devices, which are much more than valve exercisers. This new development is much lighter and more handy than its predecessor, the 3S AIG, and is especially useful for network operators with small- and medium-sized valves.
5.5 kg (12.2 lbs.) light, the 3S AIG XS is specifically designed to be operated by one person and therefore a strong tool to optimize resource management. Its innovative digital electronics turn it into a powerful valve maintenance device, which accurately captures and saves the number of turns and torque while exercising the valve, and therefore makes it possible to perform true condition-based maintenance.


The world’s first decentralised actuators

Buried valves can now be automated and connected to central telecontrol without using PLC or requiring cabling.

This is made possible by 3S Antriebe GmbH’s new “3S Energy Save Technology”, combined with a battery pack and the x-active mobile radio technology. Equipped with this technology, 3S actuators are connected bidirectional to central telecontrol at all times and are able to operate valves without recharging for a year. The central idea for their development was to significantly reduce stand-by consumption.

Retroactive automation

3S Antriebe GmbH enables supply grid operators to automate valves retroactively and cost-efficiently. As soon as an operator has identified a valve to automate, the project takes a 3-step approach:

  • Measurement of the valve’s current torque and number of threads with the 3S AIG. This is equivalent to a valve condition inspection.
  • Configuration of a suitable actuator solution. If cabling is not available or can’t be laid cost-efficiently, automation is based on battery operation and mobile radio connection.
  • Installation of the actuator without interruption of supply. Any mounting depth is possible.

The technologies used by 3S offer possibilities that make retroactive automation cost-efficient.

  • 3S earth placement: Shaft construction is not necessary
  • 3S drive technology: Mains connection is not necessary
  • 3S data link: Data cable connection, PLC and local control unit are not necessary

Retroactive automation of a DN 1000 water butterfly valve

Retroactive automation of a DN 1000 water butterfly valve

3S AIG 3.0

The new version of mobile valve maintenance device 3S AIG features a higher power-to-weight ratio, a USB interface, and improved software with higher measurement accuracy as well as simpler controls. Handling has also been improved significantly. Handles and a simple snap-in solution facilitate immediate operation.

Mobile valve maintenance device 3S AIG

3S valve maintenance

The mobile 3S actuator 3S AIG is a valve maintenance device that is able to monitor a valve’s condition objectively. This facilitates predictive valve maintenance and optimised resource management: Servicing as rarely as possible, but as often as necessary. At the same time all maintenance measures and the valve’s functioning are documented in a non-manipulable way.

The 3S AIG is compatible with the System Berliner Kappe®. This system significantly simplifies operation of buried valves. Counter torque arising during actuation of a valve is transmitted to the ground through a supporting plate anchored into the ground so that it cannot rotate. This makes it possible to service the valves without requiring physical effort and to close them quicker in case of an emergency.

System Berliner Kappe®

System Berliner Kappe®

3S Technology