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We strive to create a consistently intelligent infrastructure.

Wir entwickeln wir nicht nur Antriebe, die Armaturen in Bewegung setzen. Vielmehr bieten wir Komplettlösungen für die Erhöhung der Flexibilität und zur Sicherung der Sicherheit und Stabilität Ihres Netzbetriebs. 

Convince yourself of what makes our products unique and how we can support your network operation.



3S Multi-Turn Actuators

The 3S multi-turn actuators have been constructed particularly for butterfly and ball valves with gears as well as for gate valves. The actuators are waterproof and installed directly into the ground beneath a standard street cap or a manhole cover by utilizing the patented 3S in-soil installation or alternatively flanged directly onto the valve according to EN ISO 5210. The valve can still be operated manually via a standard square-end on top of the actuator.

In any case, manhole or underground construction is not necessary. This makes retroactive automation of buried valves economically feasible.

3S multi-turn actuators are available as two standard models with maximum operation torques of 125 Nm (3S 300 D) and 450 Nm3S 500 D) erhältlich. In Verbindung mit einem Schwenkgetriebe lassen sich auch Schwenkarmaturen zuverlässig automatisieren.

3S actuators can be installed without the need for manholes. Due to in-soil installation, valves can be retrofitted and actuators will sit underneath a regular street cap. This cost-effective method to install 3S actuators on valves for buried service is made possible by:

  • Powder-coated stainless steel actuator casing, IP 68
  • Manual operation via standard square end on top of the actuator
  • Easily removable drive unit for maintenance
  • Retrofitting of distribution and transmission networks without service interruption via the System Berliner Kappe
  • In-soil installation on counter-torque absorbent base plate without the need of flange preparation on the valve
  • Height adjustment via telescopic pole
  • Alternatively the actuator can be installed via flanging them according to DIN ISO 5210, with height adjustment if necessary

The 3S x-active cellular communication technology, which is integrated into 3S actuators, offers the centralized integration of 3S actuators without the need for data cabling or other add-ons. The module is characterized by:

  • Lean and stable data protocols between the actuator and the central communications server
  • Dependable bi-directional communication
  • Transmission of actuator condition and position data
  • Integration even with below-average network connectivity
  • Secure integration through SSL encryption
  • Secure integration into own infrastructure via private APN
  • Standard and customized integration into existing IT infrastructure
  • direct integration into SCADA, GIS or ERP systems

In a non-remote environment, 3S actuators will be integrated into the control station via electric cabling and fieldbus. 3S earth placement is still possible without the need for manholes or construction shafts.

Standard interfaces:

  • Profibus DP
  • Modbus RTU

Optional interfaces:

  • 4-20 mA interface
  • Isolated switch input and signal output
  • Various other fieldbus options

External sensors can be directly connected to 3S actuators:

  • Collection and transmission of measured values directly to the control station without the need for additional modules
  • High measuring frequency and regular transmission of data, even with decentralized 3S actuators equipped with battery packs
  • Processing of sensor data through autonomous drive control, e.g. for the security against pipe bursts
  • Available sensors: flow and pressure
  • Integration of additional sensors via Modbus and pulse input possible

The 3S Energy Save technology in combination with the x-active cellular communication integration offer completely decentralized operation of 3S actuators:

  • Installation with 3S earth placement
  • Operation in remote manholes and construction shafts
  • Monitoring of manhole covers via the actuators
  • Collection of external sensor data
  • Autonomous control function, e.g. as security against pipe bursts
  • No connection to power grid necessary
  • Rechargeable battery packs are encased in a water resistant housing and can be installed directly in soil
  • The modern Li-ion batteries for our actuators have to be charged earliest once a year
  • Low stand-by energy consumption is achieved by deactivating components, that are currently not required
  • Even in EnergySave-mode the actuators can be accessed via SCADA, GIS or ERP system

Rechargeable Battery Pack 

- no external power supply / no recharging for approx. 12-18 months

Powerful Actuator

- actuating buried valves up to DN 600 with peak torue of 9,500 Nm

3S x-active Technology

- SCADA integration for remote management via telemetric units

‚System Berliner Kappe’® 

- in-soil installation without the need for manholes

3S intelligent valve maintenance device

The 3S AIG XS is a powerful slider turning device. In addition, the intelligent 3S digital electronics make it one valve maintenance device, which revolutionizes the maintenance of valves.

The 3S AIG XS ist leistungsstark und dennoch handlich. Damit deckt es die Anforderungen von Netzbetreibern mit kleinen und mittleren Nennweiten perfekt ab. Im Zusammenhang mit entsprechendem Zubehör, kann das Gerät entweder als Ein-Mann-Maschine (mit Fußständer) oder auch mit einem Spitzendrehmoment von 1.800 Nm (Lastkraftverstärker) genutzt werden.

With the System Berliner Kappe® , it is also possible to place large valves without the use of physical strength. The 3S AIG XS together with the system Berliner Kappe® enables an efficient network operation of the future.

Valve Exerciser and Maintenance Device 

- Recording and evaluation of torque and revolutions + objective assessment of the valve status

Handheld and Lightweight 

- weighs only 5.5 kg and is particularly suitable in connection with the foot stand for one-man operation

High-Performance External Battery

- maintenance and exercising for a full work day without recharging

Powerful Mobile Actuator 

- Operation of buried valves with a peak torque of 1,800 Nm (with load amplifier) ​​and constant number of revolutions

With the 3S AIG XS and the associated evaluation software 3S AIS, it is not only possible to record the data for a selected valve, but also to evaluate it precisely.

Using a defined traffic light system in accordance with DVGW W-400-3, it is possible to determine precisely which valves - if necessary - based on the measured values ​​- number of gears, maximum actuation torque. exchanged or need to be operated more often. This is completely possible without manual documentation. The following integration options are available:

  • USB
  • Bluetooth communication

Die 3S AIS kann entweder als Stand-Alone-Software neben den üblichen Anwendungen genutzt, oder auch direkt in GIS oder Workforce-Management eingebunden werden.

With the 3S battery pack it is easily possible to work several hours (up to a whole working day) without recharging.

Als Ergänzung oder Alterative ist ebenfalls der Netzbetriebe mit dem 3S Netzteil möglich.

Als optimale Ergönzung zur 3S AIG XS Produkpalette bietet der 3S Fußständer höchste Flexibilität für die Nutzung als Ein-Mann Gerät bis zu 300 Nm.

Der Fußständer ist innerhalb weniger handgriffe an der Unterseite des Gerätes montiert. Durch seine Höhenverstellbarkeit, ist er der ergonomische Wegbegleiter für den täglichen Betrieb.

Der 3S Lastkraftverstärker bietet ein maximales Drehmoment von bis zu 1.800 Nm.

Durch den modularen Anbau an das 3S AIG XS können so selbst große und schwergängige Armaturen flexibel und schnell losgebrochen und betätigt werden.