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3S Antriebe GmbH develops and sells electrical actuator systems especially for buried valves in water, gas and district heating networks. 3S actuator technology sets new standards in terms of efficiency, power volume and power weight. The innovative mobile and stationary 3S actuator solutions developed with the market make the operation of buried supply networks more economical.

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3S News

Lovion Integration

März 2020

Sept./Okt. 2020

Lovion 3S CONNECT – Integration 3S Antriebe

With the 3S drive systems, the maintenance tasks of the respective regulations can be carried out and automatically documented. With the Lovion 3S CONNECT product, the devices from 3S drives are linked with tasks in Lovion TASK...

3S Antriebe GmbH will also take part in the Lovion management days. The event will take place vom 27. – 29. September 2021 in Aschaffenburg.


Feb. 2020


IRO 2020 in Oldenburg

The 34th Oldenburger Rohrleitungsforum took place on February 13 and 14, 2020 . Unter dem Motto „Rohre und Kabel – Leitungen für eine moderne Infrastruktur“ wurden auch   3S Antriebe von unserem Vertriebspartner EBERO vorgestellt. Vielen Dank an die interessierten Kunden, Besucher und an Ebero für die tolle Darstellung auf dem Rohrleitungsforum 2020!


Jan. 2020


SmartX – die intelligente Lösung für Wasserversorgungsnetze

As part of an SME Innovative joint project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project partners RWW, 3S Consult GmbH and 3S Antriebe GmbH have developed concepts and technical solutions for intelligent automation of water supply networks. The result is intelligent and resilient supply networks ...

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3S Multi-Turn Actuators

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The 3S multi-turn actuators have been constructed particularly for butterfly and ball valves with gears as well as for gate valves. The actuators are waterproof and installed directly into the ground beneath a standard street cap or a manhole cover by utilizing the patented 3S earth placement or alternatively flanged directly onto the valve according to EN ISO 5210. The valve can still be operated manually via a standard square-end on top of the actuator.

In any case, manhole or underground construction is not necessary. This makes retroactive automation of buried valves economically feasible.

Rechargeable Battery Pack

- no external power supply / no recharging for approx. 12-18 months

Powerful Actuator

- for buried valves with a peak torque of 1,500 Nm

3S x-active Technology

- SCADA integration for remote management via telemetric units

‚System Berliner Kappe‘®

- in-soil installation without the need for manholes



3S AIG mobile

3S AIG mobile actuators for burried valves

Valve Exerciser and Maintenance Device

- recording of torques and turns + objective assessment of valve condition

Handheld and Lightweight

- only weighs 16,5 pounds and is operable by one person

High-Performance External Battery

- maintenance and exercising for a full work day without recharging

Powerful Mobile Actuator

- actuating buried valves with a peak torque of up to 900 Nm

Your benefits

The mobile 3S mobile actuator is a powerful slider turning device. The intelligent 3S digital electronics revolutionize the maintenance of valves with 3S AIG XS.

The new development 3S AIG XS is significantly lighter and more manageable than its predecessor, the 3S AIG, and covers the requirements of small and medium-sized network operators. With the System Berliner Kappe® or the load power amplifier is the placement of large valves without the use of physical force possible.


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