3S 500 D mutli-turn acuators for buried valves

The 3S 500 D is the ideal multi-turn actuator for buried

  • Geared ball and butterfly valves
  • Gate valves with reduction gear
  • Gate valves without reduction gear up to DN 400

The 3S 500 D can be easily adjusted to apply its available capacity perfectly to any actuation task up to a peak torque of 550 Nm (400 ft./lbs.).

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The 3S 500 D at a glance:

  • Diameter 230 mm, height 510 mm
  • Glass bead blasted, powder-coated V2A casing
  • 550 W electrical power
  • Mode of operation: short-time operation S2-15 min
  • Power supply: either 230 V AC 50-60 Hz or 48 V DC (nominal voltage, battery supply)
  • Control: Profibus, Modbus, analogue 4-20 mA, GSM mobile radio network
  • Automatic monitoring of operating data of valve, actuator and battery pack
  • Logbook function
  • RS232 service interface
  • Peak torque: 550 Nm (3S 500 D-550)
  • Max. rotational speed: 61 rpm (3S 500 D-125)

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